Baby First

Baby First Ltd is an importer and manufacturer of over 1000 quality baby products specializing in products that help mothers put the needs of their baby first. That simply explains why our Company and own 'Brand' name for our baby essential products, are both called, Baby First.

However, over the years, we've added other quality 'Branded' products to our range to assist mothers give their babies (and young children) the best start in life.

Worldwide renowned 'Brand' names such as, Lamaze, Gaia, Baby Jogger, Oricom, Chelona, Ryco and many more.

So, as putting the needs of baby first, (and of course mothers) has been our priority for over 40 years, we believe we've become very, very good at it – and we hope you agree.

If you wish to buy any products, there is a list of retailers on our 'retailers' page.

However, if you
a) are having problems finding a retailer near you or
b) would like more information about a particular product, or
c) would simply like to offer your opinion about our products or website

We would welcome the opportunity to hear from you and help you - our valued customer.

Finally, the recommended retail prices listed on this website are meant as a guide only. Prices may vary between retail outlets.